Hidden Features Of FAU-G Game

FAU-G is a new royal battle game, after pubg banned Indian game developers developed this game. FAU-G beta version released some days ago, as well pre registration also started.

Today, in this post I’m going to giving hidden features of FAU-G game.

Another major game, high expectation game from Indian developers. register for to play bet game. check features, like graphics, control working status, etc.

Check Hidden Features Of FAU-G Game

FAU-G is an another action game from Indian developers. install beta apk and play check the gameplay. even you can know the mobile specification too.

You can know features of the before you play complete version. Campaign mode, fpp mode, pp mode, etc. mode available.

This game Support in Play store, IOS, mobile.

Releasing date 28 October. you can download the game officially on plays tore. Developers :- ncore.


  • 4 or 4 TDM.
  • Compain mode.
  • Battle royal Mode.
  • Hindi Language. (Indian national language). English also
  • You can select English language too.
  • Map feature.
  • Online game. Internet connection required.
  • Best graphic game.

very interesting features are developers added, you can compare with pubg. very less time is there, 28 th October 2020. you can play the game. share your experience with US.



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