Hello Guys, In this Article Today I will show you How to Get Demon Keys in Geometry Dash and also give you information about Dashing Skill in Geometry Dash.

Test your skills in the new game of Geometrical Shapes. Geometry Dash is a free to play jumping and crashing game. The game features a square-shaped box which jumps and crashes on the screen.

The fantastic thing about this game is the astonishing music and graphics. The soundtrack gives a different sense of feeling while playing the game. Before going deeper into the article, let us discuss more the game.

About the Development

The game was created by a North Macedonia based developer known as Robotition, and published by his company named Xlocks Games. The initial design was to create a game with a geometry template with functions such as jump and crash. The original project was made available to PC users only. But after a while, it became available to others too.

The other platforms include Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc. This project was influenced by the project named “The Impossible Game” and came into action after four months. Initially, the project was called “Geometry Jump”, which was later changed to “Geometry Jump”.

The original design had seven playable levels. The later updates to the game versions added six more levels to it.

Designing of the levels

The levels, as designed by the developer, features a Geometry based template. The goal of the player is to clear the levels and win the game. All these levels have seven parts or can be said to be sub-levels.

The exciting feature about the sub-levels is the change of play. Each sub-level has some obstacle which is to be avoided by the player. If you crash into one, the game is over, and you have to start over the whole level, even if you are at the last sub-level.

The obstacle can be anything measuring from small peaks and spikes to even big platforms and other blocks. Beat the game and win it is the primary goal. Every level has a difficulty level. On completing a level, the player receives some stars. The number of stars depends upon the difficulty level of the game. These stars can be used for buying further items in the game store.

There is also an in-game currency known as ‘Mana Orbs’. This currency can be used for purchases in the game store. The level will also have many secret stacks and coins. These coins are used to unlock more levels in the game.

Playing the Game

In the game, you will find a small square box. The box will jump on clicking/tapping, which depends upon the type of platform on which the game is being played. In the game, the square box moves with a fixed speed.

The user cannot change the speed of the square box. In between this moving of the block, many obstacles will come. The player has to avoid these obstacles by jumping. When you reach the end of any sub-level, you will find a portal which will take you to the next sub-level.

The amazing thing about these sub-levels is that you will find a new type of game play on each one of them.

For instance, you will cross the first sub-level usually. On the second, you will find yourself sitting on a flying car which floats in air on your tap and thus, you have to maintain your altitude, avoid obstacles and reach the end.

Other Features

The game does not end here. There is one more feature of the game. This feature makes sure that no person completes the game entirely. This feature allows the players of the game to create more levels. These levels can be played by anyone in the world who wants to play these levels.

A created level will only be uploaded onto the game server when it is fully eligible. For a level to be qualified, the creator of the level needs to complete the level with full coins. Since everyone need a difficulty level selection, every created level needs this too.

You can play any difficulty level anytime. The developer of the original project of the game decides the difficulty level for the player designed levels. The other players, moderators and other developers have full right to object this decision of the difficulty of created levels.

how to get geometry dash keys

How to Get Keys in Geometry Dash

Keys are another essential part of the game. The keys are used to unlock the primary levels of the game. The full version of the application has twenty levels in total, out of which only Eighteen are unlocked. The other three are to be opened by the player using keys which he can find during the gameplay.

These keys are also used to unlock the chests which are also found during the gameplay. Like every other thing, there are also two methods to obtain keys in the game. These methods are mentioned below.

Method A (The Hardworking way)

You can see that every level in this game gives you orbs. The number of orbs obtained varies as per the difficulty level of the level. For clearing an average level, you will get about 50 orbs. For making a medium difficulty level, you will get about 200 to 300 orbs.

For completing a hard level, you will get about 500 orbs. Every 500 orbs can be exchanged for a demon key in the store. This key can be used to open a demon chest in the game. Every four keys can be exchanged for a dungeon.

Now, since this method requires obtaining orbs, it can be a little hardworking. Apply This And you will get keys in Geometry Dash.

Method B (The Shortcut)

This is the easiest way to collect keys in the game. In the game, you will find a place to input promo codes. You can find these codes on the internet on some website.

Using these codes will give you an upper hand in playing the game. Since these codes can give you many more perks, they might also ruin the fun you will get while earning all the keys and items yourself during your gameplay. These codes are a combination of alphabets and numbers.

Some of these codes are ‘Brain Power’, ‘Yer Amount of Stars’, ‘Octocube’, ‘Seven’, ‘Gimmiethecolor’, ‘Neverending’, ‘Ahead’, ‘Sparky’, ‘Lenny’, ‘Mule’, ‘Spooky’, ‘Gandalfpotter’, etc. Apply This in your Game and you will see you are get keys in Geometry Dash.

How to Downloading the Game and Get Keys

So, if you want to play the game, you surely have to download it and get keys in geometry dash. The downloading process varies for the platform on which it is played. The downloading process is mentioned below.

For Personal Computer/Laptop

There are two methods to play this game on a PC. Both the ways for you to play the game are discussed below:

Online Playing

You can see that many websites offer the feature to play games online. There are many games which can be played online. Such games generally include games created by Flash Player or Unity Web Player. Games such as Geometry Dash can also be played online on your PC through such sites. For this, you have to do is open your browser, search for some online gaming site. Find your game and start playing. Such websites take no money from the users. Also,, such websites make the game free to play. These websites might include some bothering adds. And hence, they might ask you to turn off your ad blocker.

Played on Steam

You can also download the game from Steam. Since this method offers the playing of the original game, Steam asks the user to buy the game. After purchasing, the game can be installed easily on the PC and then, you can play it. The current price of the game is about $3.99. Since you are buying the game in this method, you need not bother about any adds, and you will have the full access to the game features.

Using Emulator

This is another method to play the game. This method includes the installation of an emulator on your PC. An emulator is an application which makes one platform work onto another platform. For instance, an Android Emulator, if installed on a PC will make the PC work precisely like an Android Phone. So, installing an Emulator on your PC will make it work like a smartphone and thus, you can play the game on your PC in the same ways, through which you play it on a mobile phone.

For Mobile Phones

App Store

There are many versions of the applications available on the app store of your phone. The basic version is the Geometry Dash Lite. This version of the game includes thirteen levels and is free of cost while the others have more features are premium applications. And hence, you can go for Geometry Dash download and play the game.

Downloading Application Setup

This is the other way out to download Geometry Dash APK. This APK allows you to install the game on your phone. For Geometry Dash apk, you can search the websites which provide with the setups of mobile applications.

You can also search terms such as Geometry Dash APK full download; the searches will give you results having Geometry Dash free APK or Geometry Dash free full version.

Make sure that you are downloading the latest version of the Geometry Dash APK. After downloading the APK, you have to install it, and then, you can normally play the game.

Geometry Dash Free Download v/s Geometry Dash Premium Download

So far, we have found methods to download the game. One includes buying the premium version of the game. Other way includes Free Geometry Dash APK download.

Apart from the fact that you can play the game using both method, there are some slight differences.

Geometry Dash Free Full Version

If you download the full version setup from the internet, you will feel slightly different from the original version. Since the game is not free and you still can download the full version of the game without paying anything to the company.

These differences will include things such as an unlimited amount of coins and mana orbs. All unlocked levels and other things too.

In this type of game, you also will not be able to record your achievements with your account. And this type also not gives you the feature to add new levels created by others or even create your levels for the game.

Geometry Dash Premium Version

The premium version will allow you to play the game normally. This will record all your achievements. Although this version won’t have anything such as an infinite supply of coins or an endless supply of orbs. But this is fun.

You have to progress through the game and have to earn the fruit of your playing. This version will also allow you to play the levels created by other players in the game. You can also create your levels and make them available for others to play.


So far, we have learnt that the game can be downloaded in many ways on many different platforms. The game is a five series-based video game. You can play any of them anytime. The other editions of this game include other different types of gameplay features.

The soundtrack of the game is given by many music artists, including ForeverBound, DJVI, Waterflame, DJ-Nate, F-777, Dex Arson, and even MDK. In addition to the official soundtracks of the game, the highest-rated tracks on the Newgrounds music portal are also made available.

The game gained a high hike in its popularity upon its release. In Canada, the game gained so much popularity that it achieved the title as the most popular paid iPhone app in June 2014.

So, you can play this game in many different ways. You can either buy the game, to get a full premium experience, you can either download the free version of the game, this might neglect in some points, but will also have many different perks, or you can play the game online on some online gaming websites.

So, if you have not yet tested the game, I suggest you download the game and get ready for the awesomeness.



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