Geometry Dash is the all-new fad in town; people are going gaga over this simple yet challenging game. If you haven’t tried this game or even worse, haven’t heard about it, I have one question for you. Have you been living under a rock? No offence, I am just kidding.

Geometry Dash is a sequence of five video games developed by RobTop Games, owned by Robert Topala who is a Sweden-based developer. The game is a simple rhythm-based game designed for you to guide the vehicle through a series of taps and jumps. The original game has about 21 levels and a system of moderators that have been used to create more than 50 million levels in the game. The levels have a unique soundtrack for each of them.

There are many features present in the game like vaults, game modes, icons and map packs. These features are only available once you pay for the full version of the app. Sad for your wallet, isn’t it? Not unless you happen to have access to modified apps present all over the internet that provide you with the complete full version at no charges. All the features are available for you to use along with a few perks that include a massive amount of coins, access to the vault and much more.

The game in itself is quite addicting with its stunning visual graphics and quirky but apt soundtracks. It is easy to control but hard to master. Once you learn the art of the game, it makes for some exciting hours spent playing it.

Geometry Dash requires a touchscreen phone apart from the versions available for the PC. This is necessary to control the vehicle that reacts to the tap gesture of the player. Another gesture like holding down the tap is used for interaction of the vehicle with others. The speed of the vehicle cannot be controlled in the original app. The soundtrack gives a key to the movement of the vehicle.

The ultimate aim of Geometry Dash is to reach the end of the track in the level without crashing along the way. If a crash does occur, the player has to start over from scratch. The game provides the player ‘n’ number of attempts. As you move through the levels, they can unlock the different vehicles which behave differently with all the elements of the game. The colours play an essential role too.

As already mentioned, the game has 21 levels, all of which are unlocked in the modified app. There is a pot of leprechaun gold waiting for you at the end of your track which you will receive upon completion.  Levels are classified based on difficulty, and progressing levels are believed to be more challenging than the previous one. It depends on how much of a fast learner you are. It’s not a rule that you have to play the levels according to their arrangement they can be played in whichever way you prefer. Each level has a practice mode and a normal mode. The practice mode allows you to practice freely till you get the hang of the level. The practice mode is different from the normal mode as it contains checkpoints.

So, when you do crash, which happens quite frequently in the beginning, you can begin the level from the checkpoint instead of the very beginning of the track. The modified app, which allows access to every single feature that is only available with the paid version, grants the user the ability to make their own levels. This is only possible once the user has completed all the levels in normal mode. These users are known as moderators and influence the decision on the difficulty of a certain level.

What are Mod versions?

Just like some tricks or codes, mod versions of the game gives you unlimited powers in the game. These versions are the exact copy of the game with the fact that they provide you with some ultimate capabilities. You can download these versions from the internet. Many sites offer with the mod versions of the game along with the setup of the original game. The process is straightforward. Either you have to install the mid version directly on pc or mobile, or you have to download the main setup, along with the mod files. For installing the Mod, you have to install the main setup and then replace the original data of the game with the mod files which you downloaded. After either of the process you have to follow, you can play your game peacefully.

Features of the modified app:

  • The soundtracks used are pleasing to the ears but hold the key to the level. As they all are specific to their levels, it is sure to keep some power over the movements of the character.
  • The levels are fun but challenging. The game involves the use of physics and reflexes. So, you are basically training your brain too while having fun. The difficulty increases as we progress further into the game, but the addictive nature of the game makes it hard to give up on it.
  • The game is a fast-paced game that is similar to Flappy Bird in a small, significant way. If the pace is too much for you, you can always slow it down a little.
  • Complete and unrestricted access to the vault is made possible.
  • The unlocked version gives you access to the ability to create your own levels. This essentially makes you free to unleash your creativity in the game and provide the same experience to your fellow players. The same applies to you as you can also download the different levels created by your fellow players to enjoy their creations and testing your skills.
  • The ability to customize your characters with any changes that you prefer makes it a refreshing change in the monotony of your appearance. You could change your appearance to emulate certain other characters. Equipping them with gears changes the way they work. You could give your cube the ride of its life by giving him a seat on a rocket. You can also add icons to make your cube unique.
  • Improving your skills in the practice mode seems like a no brainer. To be a master, you have to first train endlessly until it becomes like second nature to you.
  • To earn rewards, you must complete specific tasks, but what if you already had access to everything you could ever want? This is one of the benefits of the modified app. You have everything at your fingertips without having to slog your way through the tasks.
  • This app has NO in-app purchases, which make it fantastic to all the players. Players more dedicated to the game earn more. It’s all fair and square.
  • You can share and track your progress against your friends through social networking sites.

The graphics are simple yet brightly coloured geometric shapes. This simplistic approach to graphics is pleasing to the eyes and suitable for all ages. This also reduces the size of the game, making it light for the phone, without burdening it.

The graphics are supplemented by a series of soundtracks unique for each level that make it an enjoyable experience. These soundtracks are by several artists like ForeverBound, DJVI, Waterflame, F-777, MDK, DJ-Nate and Dex Arson. Apart from official songs, Newgrounds music portal songs can also be used. Due to the abuse of the freedom of uploading songs, RobTop has issued higher restrictions.

How to download the modified app:

  • Step 1: Click any one of the links mentioned above.


  • Step 2: Click on the large button saying “Download Geometry Dash” including its version and size.


  • Step 3: Once it has been downloaded, open the ‘Downloads’ folder in the ‘My Files’ section.


  • Step 4: Launch the app by clicking the downloaded file and giving it permissions. Click ‘Install’.


  • Step 5: Sit back and relax as your phone does the rest.


The general audience has responded positively to the modified app as avid fans wish to explore all the facets of the game without having to purchase the same. Players are commending the style and challenge put forth by the game. The frustration built up by having to restart the levels from the initial point can be avoided by using the practice mode or even slowing down the speed of the cube in this modified app.

Although, it takes out the fun in the game occasionally. It is also commended for its accessibility to all ages. Seeing all these positive reviews, along with the positive response from the general population, older adults and children alike, it is quite safe to say that this resembles something like that of a family game. Mainly, with its soundtracks that can be danced to.

Geometry Dash has cracked the code on how to be a popular game while still catering to all age groups so that no one feels left out. It has brought innovation and creation into its essence through its many features that are now accessible to all, thanks to the modified app.

All in all, the modified app for Geometry Dash does bring relief to your wallet (even if it’s a small one), unlimited access to all the features brings joy to all and an experience that one can not emulate with the locked Geometry Dash app. The main enticing factor that is the reason for all the hustle-bustle behind the modified app is the ability to showcase your creativity by making your own levels. This is the primary reason for my obsession with this modified app.

Creating an endless number of levels and trying them out on your own is a fantastic experience. The cherry on top is the ability to put it out for other players to try their hand at it too. This is the building of a little gaming community where physics and creativity go hand it hand.

Ultimately, I only want to say that you must try the game if you haven’t already. Make sure everyone in your family tries it once too so that this fun and quirky game is left unexposed to none. You just have to make sure nobody starts fighting over playing the game as it might start a war in your house. If you have two or more kids and only one phone, good luck with the refereeing you are going to have to do!


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